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Faro Airport

Published on August 15, 2012 by in Faro
Faro airport, Algarve, Portugal

Faro airport, Algarve, Portugal

The city of Faro sees more tourist traffic than the average medium-sized town. This is in part thanks to the presence of the Faro Airport here, but that wouldn’t be enough, the reason why Faro is such a popular destination is because it is the capital of the region known as the Algarve, which in turn is one of the most popular tourist destination on the entire continent of Europe.

The interesting thing is that Faro itself offers a different type of travel experience than the other more tourist-friendly destinations along the coast. Not to say that Faro doesn’t welcome tourists, far from it, just that it is much more of a working city than the rest of the region, partly due to the presence of the Faro airport and especially due to it having been a port-city for its entire history.

Usually travelers who visit the Algarve for a few times, grow accustomed to its offers and with the tourist-centric resorts, so they want to try something more down to earth. That’s when they choose to spend at least a few days in Faro, and see how day-to-day life is for the average inhabitant of the region.

Whilst you’ll find better beaches on the coast, this is the Algarve after all, so even Faro has a pretty good beach, which is located right next to the Faro airport actually – Praia de Faro is several kilometers long so it shouldn’t get crowded, it’s usually a last stop for many travelers who have late flights and early check-outs.

Even though the town is a working one, the Faro Old City Center, or Cidade Velha is where you’ll find some very well-preserved architecture and street layout. In fact this is something that you’ll see in pretty much every other Algarve town, each of them are interesting to visit. In the case of Faro the Centro Historico is a great place for a nice quiet walk which will show you quite a few great example of Portuguese and Moorish-influenced architecture.

For those of you who plan to spend their holiday in one of the many other Algarve locations, you will only be seeing Faro in passing, but you will be seeing some of it because this is where you’ll be landing.

Considering how developed the entire tourism infrastructure is, you can find some great Faro airport transfers which can take you from the airport to your destination, and then back again in great comfort.

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